Kenmerken project

  • 45 unique designed homes
  • For every family composition and stage of life
  • Multiple (private) outdoor rooms
  • Parking under the deck.
  • Large common outdoor area.
  • Sustainable and healthy neighborhoods
  • Natural and circular materials.
  • Energy neutral and natural gas free.
  • Healthy indoor climate.
  • Good access to Meerhoven, Eindhoven, and the rest of the country.
Several residential blocks with the decking as the connecting factor

Several residential blocks with the decking as the connecting factor

In OAK 45 unique designer homes are divided into two residential blocks. The largest residential block consists of 30 homes and is located around the beautiful green courtyard. The more southerly located residential block consists of 15 homes and has a smaller and more open character and is directly connected to the natural, communal outdoor space.

The car parking and the access to the storage rooms of the homes are on the first floor level under the wooden decking. Therefore, cars are nicely out of sight, safe, and dry. At the front, you can drive your car into the residential block to park under the decking, where you can also enter your home directly at first floor level. On this level, you will find your mailbox and bicycle park.

In the middle of the large residential block, the green courtyard has perennials, shrubs, and trees with transparent crowns. For the little ones, there will be a sandbox and a rope bridge to climb from the deck to the courtyard. Some homes have vegetated pergolas and sunken terraces to bring greenery into the residential blocks. In this way, the houses blend perfectly into their natural environment.

The deck of both residential blocks is located on the first floor and is accessible via the slope between the two residential blocks. This area will be beautifully decorated with planters, shrubs, and perennials, perfectly fitting in the wooded area of OAK. The deck provides access to the front door of the homes. At various homes, the deck is also directly accessible from the homes through patio doors, making it an extension of the home.

Healthy and innovatively designed home

Healthy and innovatively designed home

In OAK, you live in one of the Netherlands' most sustainable and healthiest neighborhoods. Living here means making conscious and forward-looking choices and living in an innovative home. For yourself, your family, and generations to come. A home that contributes to a better environment, less CO2 emissions, a healthy indoor climate, and a unique design.

The homes in OAK are of natural and circular materials, such as sustainable wood and circular concrete, and are energy neutral. Taken on an average annual basis, your home does not require energy from the electricity grid. That is good for the environment and your wallet. All homes connect to the Meerhoven heating network. This is a local and sustainable source of heat. All houses are equipped with sun blinds and have a solar paneled and green roof, which ensures a cooler roof in the summer, has a sound-insulating effect, and offers a space for birds, butterflies, and insects. The rainwater is visibly drained into the wadis in the public area and into the water bowl with an underground water basin in the courtyard. Water fulfills an important role within OAK.

There is a great consideration for nature and the environment during construction. The houses are constructed in the factory, as complete as possible, and assembled on location like a kind of construction kit. As a result, the environment and nature are least affected by this. To ensure a healthy indoor climate, the houses have good ventilation and plenty of daylight. Behind all this innovative ingenuity lies a wonderfully comfortable and healthy home with a unique and warm appearance.

Beautiful location with walking paths and perfect connections

Beautiful location with walking paths and perfect connections

OAK is beautifully situated on the wooded embankment along the canal in Bosrijk Meerhoven, where oak and birch dominate the picture. Here you will find a semi-open forest landscape with flowery grassland. A narrow footpath runs along the wooded bank, allowing you to stroll along paths and discover the area from OAK.

In Bosrijk you can reach many places on foot and thus benefit from the good facilities of Meerhoven. The Terminal M shopping center is within walking distance of your house. Thanks to the fast bike lane near OAK, you can reach the center of Eindhoven within 8 minutes by bike. The HOV bus connection brings Eindhoven airport and the center of Eindhoven within easy reach. And if you go out by car, within 5 minutes you are on the A2 highway that connects you with the rest of the country.

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