Kenmerken project

  • 45 unique designed homes
  • For every family composition and stage of life
  • Multiple (private) outdoor rooms
  • Parking under the deck.
  • Large common outdoor area.
  • Sustainable and healthy neighborhoods
  • Natural and circular materials.
  • Energy neutral and natural gas free.
  • Healthy indoor climate.
  • Good access to Meerhoven, Eindhoven, and the rest of the country.
Several residential blocks with the decking as the connecting factor

Several residential blocks with the decking as the connecting factor

In OAK, 45 uniquely designed homes are divided into two residential blocks. The larger block comprises 30 homes and surrounds a picturesque green courtyard. Positioned further south, the smaller residential block accommodates 15 homes and boasts a more open and intimate character, seamlessly connected to the natural communal outdoor space.

Car parking and access to the storage rooms of the homes are situated on the first floor level beneath wooden decking, ensuring vehicles are discreetly tucked away, safe, and sheltered from the elements. Residents can conveniently drive into the residential block at the front to park beneath the decking, with direct access to their homes at the first floor level. Here, mailboxes and bicycle parks are also conveniently located.

Nestled within the heart of the larger residential block, the green courtyard flourishes with perennials, shrubs, and trees boasting transparent crowns. Designed with children in mind, the courtyard features a sandbox and a rope bridge, providing playful opportunities to climb from the deck to the green oasis below. Certain homes are adorned with vegetated pergolas and sunken terraces, seamlessly integrating greenery into the residential blocks, harmonizing with their natural surroundings.

The deck of both residential blocks, situated on the first floor, is accessible via a slope between the two blocks. This area will be adorned with tasteful planters, shrubs, and perennials, seamlessly blending with the wooded surroundings of OAK. Providing access to the front doors of the homes, the deck serves as an extension of the living space for some residences, offering direct access via patio doors.

Healthy and innovatively designed home

Healthy and innovatively designed home

In OAK, you reside in one of the Netherlands' most sustainable and health-conscious neighborhoods, where conscious and forward-thinking choices are integral to everyday living. Here, innovation meets comfort, offering residents homes that not only contribute to a better environment but also prioritize the well-being of current and future generations.

The homes in OAK are constructed using natural and circular materials such as sustainable wood and recycled concrete, embodying an ethos of environmental stewardship. They are designed to be energy-neutral, meaning they require no energy from the electricity grid on average annually, benefiting both the environment and your finances. Additionally, all homes are connected to the Meerhoven heating network, a local and sustainable source of heat.

Each residence features sun blinds, solar panels, and a green roof, providing numerous benefits such as cooler temperatures in the summer, sound insulation, and habitat for birds, butterflies, and insects. Rainwater is thoughtfully managed, visibly drained into wadis in public areas and directed into water basins concealed beneath the courtyard, underscoring the importance of water within OAK's ecosystem.

During construction, great care is taken to minimize the impact on nature and the environment. Homes are prefabricated in factories and assembled on-site like a construction kit, reducing disruption to the surrounding ecosystem. To ensure a healthy indoor environment, the homes are equipped with effective ventilation systems and ample natural daylight, promoting comfort and well-being.

Behind this innovative approach lies a commitment to creating homes that are not only environmentally friendly but also comfortable and inviting, with a unique and welcoming aesthetic that reflects the warmth of community living.

Beautiful location with walking paths and perfect connections

Beautiful location with walking paths and perfect connections

OAK is nestled within the serene setting of the wooded embankment along the canal in Bosrijk Meerhoven, where majestic oaks and graceful birches paint a picturesque scene. Here, a semi-open forest landscape intertwines with vibrant flowery grasslands, creating an idyllic backdrop for daily strolls along the narrow footpath that meanders along the wooded bank, inviting exploration and discovery of the surrounding area.

In Bosrijk, convenience is at your doorstep, with many amenities within walking distance. The Terminal M shopping center is a short stroll from your doorstep, offering a range of retail and dining options. Additionally, the proximity of a fast bike lane near OAK allows for swift access to the vibrant heart of Eindhoven, just an 8-minute bike ride away. For further connectivity, the HOV bus connection conveniently links Eindhoven Airport and the city center, providing effortless access to both. And for those traveling by car, the A2 highway is a mere 5-minute drive from OAK, seamlessly connecting you to destinations throughout the country.

Whether on foot, bike, or by car, OAK offers unrivaled accessibility to a wealth of amenities and destinations, ensuring a lifestyle of convenience and connectivity amidst the natural beauty of Bosrijk Meerhoven.

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